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Walking The Path - Eùoé

Walking The Path - Eùoé

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The first release from Eùoé, is, as the artwork and the title suggest, a sonic journey along a winding path uphill, wandering in the darkness, facing the whips and the scorn of the harshest weather and countless adversities, not even knowing if at the top of the mountain you're climbing you'll find waiting for you a treasure, a monster or both.
Yet through the whole climb, the power of music keeps the pace going, keeps away the will to give up, and allows overcoming every obstacle, making it possible to tame demons one by one, turning them into your loyal servants from the evil adversaries they used to be.

Every track tells a story, and they're all part of a bigger narration, wandering sonically through different textures, harmonies and disharmony, melody, and chaos.

Cover Artwork by Luigi Monti
Mastering by Oblium
released August 19, 2020
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