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VA - Freq Baba

VA - Freq Baba

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All the proceeds of the compilation -Freq Baba- will be donated to "Stop Staring - Start Caring", for the ‘Pahan Tharuwa’ in Sri Lanka.

‘Pahan Tharuwa’ is a therapy center for children (aged 11-16!) who are pregnant after rape.

Unfortunately, the most defenseless humans are targeted too often, even by their own fathers.
As abortion is illegal in Sri Lanka, they are forced to give birth. A woman without a husband is already regarded worthless here, you might not imagine what this child’s life will look like… prostitution, gang rape, abuse… it’s anything beyond pleasant!

There is only one place in whole Sri Lanka where 20 of these kids can go. We are building a better place, including therapy and education, where children can go, give birth, have optional adopting parents and lead a normal life!

We are making it happen with YOUR help!

Be the unheard voice of these children and support ‘Pahan Tharuwa’ (the morning star) that shines brightly after their darkest night!

Stop Staring - Start Caring
( more info here: )

Big thanks to all the involved artists,
and to Atman Tribe for the connection to this benefit project.

Artwork and compiled by Foresid
mastering by Oblium
released January 6, 2019
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