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VA - Brain Coral

VA - Brain Coral

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All profit will be donated to the refugees in Idomeni - Greece
we will give all the profit to Barbara Ferrari, that she's directly active there.

from a talk with Barbara:

…"On May 13, we left for Idomeni (me, Lisa and other people, including a film director and a photographer).

Idomeni is a country in Greece, on the border with Macedonia, which was crossed by the refugees (mostly Syrians, but not only).
They passed by there to go in Macedonia, in order to arrive then in Europe. One day in February, Europe has decided to close its borders, trapping about 12,000 refugees in Idomeni.

At that moment Idomeni has become a city of tents, where these people were there waiting that would open the borders.
The borders were never reopened, and with the arrival of summer the situation became unmanageable, so they cleared out Idomeni (with bulldozers and teargas) and have moved the refugees in camps run by the army, where now live like "strays dogs".

In Greece there are about 50,000 Syrian refugees, including men, women, children and old people, who have passed the worst things a person can ever pass, and anyone doing anything for them.

So that's what we do.
We go there and we try to help them,
in the meantime, we have created beautiful friendships."


from June 2019 all the income is donated to the new no-profit association:

Compiled by Oblium
Artwork by Trita Trita
released October 30, 2016

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