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Tempus Fugit - Peyoceps

Tempus Fugit - Peyoceps

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What shall I tell you about time? Some perceive is as real and some don't. The only known fact is: time is only noticeable through change. Sometimes, time slowly flatters about like the leaves of a tree in autumn, but far too often it races ahead of us without us being able to grasp it. So let us use the time we have in a conscious way, let us decorate and shape it together! Way too often we act in a hurry and forget to put our hearts into our actions. If we really want our actions to be great, time should not be an influencing factor.

Obviously everyone is touched by the passing of time and cannot put a hold to it. And sadly, the most memorable moments are usually the ones that pass significantly too fast, sometimes remain no longer than the blink of an eye... Try to soak up every last bit of these moments as they will serve you as a stock of joy when times get rough.

Time passes for everyone in one way or another. So make it count and don't waste any of it. You create time because you are the change in this world.

Tempus Fugit.

released March 15, 2017
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