Mastering (Online Service)

Mastering (Online Service)

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  • Professional analog and digital mastering
  • Up to 8 minutes  length



      Rename your files

          Please, rename your files properly and fill the tracklist accordingly,
          as the following examples:

          01 Artist – SongTitle.wav
          02 Artist – SongTitle.wav
          03 Artist – SongTitle.wav

          01 Artist – SongTitle min:sec
          02 Artist – SongTitle 03:45
          03 Artist – SongTitle 04:56

          This info will be inserted into the Metadata of your songs, so double-check and be sure all titles are 100% correct!

          File Format
          Stereo WAV or AIFF is preferred. No MP3s.

          Start and end
          Leave some air at the beginning and end of the track.

          24-Bit or higher.

          Reference tracks for the session are welcome.

          Sample Rate
          44.1 kHz or higher.
          Use the sample rate of your original session, no gain to up-sample to 96kHz if you’ve recorded at a lower rate. Do not normalize.

          Don’t brick-wall your track, please. Don’t slam the levels.

          Plug-ins on the Master Bus
          If you are using plug-ins on the master bus provide options with and without them. Limiting or clipping the master bus should always be avoided.

          Once you have completed the checkout process you will be given instructions on how to transfer your track files to us