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Divine Blueprint - Sanhata

Divine Blueprint - Sanhata

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Sanhata project now moves into the realm of freestyle, free flowing psychedelia with a hint of psychedelic jazz. The album has been produced with an intent to enhance the healing frequencies emphasizing on the 432Hz Universal Healing Frequency. You may choose to actively meditate or relax whilst listening to the album, may it be night or day!!!

Om Namo Narayana!!! – Narayana stands for the alpha and omega of the universe: The Vedic seers gained this four-lettered sound in their penances, found its significance and its meaning. They initiated the seekers into this mantra from ancient most times to enable self-realization and at-one-ment with Narayana (The Supreme Being).

This release is dedicated to the footprint left behind….Divine Blueprint.

released September 29, 2014
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