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Descent To Oblivion - Shoomb

Descent To Oblivion - Shoomb

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Embark on a journey, the definition of which will depend on you as an explorer of the realms of this experimental, dark and psychological album.

The release itself is a result of 2 years of musical research and evolution. So the idea of progression and resolve is an inherent element here.

Comprising three tracks, each serving as an immersive voyage, this album transcends the boundaries of traditional music, delving into uncharted territories where boundaries blur (or reconcile), and the mind is set free.

Through meticulously crafted soundscapes and rhythmic sonic tapestries, "Decent To Oblivion" invites listeners to surrender themselves to the unknown and embrace the transformative power of music. Far from routine, the album's tracks continuously evolve and morph, taking unexpected turns, and guiding the listener through a labyrinth of consciousness.

It is an auditory experience designed to push boundaries, challenge perceptions, and ignite the imagination. With its mind-bending elements and immersive sound design, this album invites listeners to be patient, embrace differences, face the discomfort, and unlock the doors to uncharted dimensions of the mind.




Includes the Digital Album of Shoomb - Descent To Oblivion 
Artwork by Sod Nono (Malaysia) 
Poster made on our lighter-weight, uncoated classic matte paper. 


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