Collection: WHITE FALCON

Thomas S. is a Swiss producer/songwriter/musician from Winterthur.
Psychedelic Dance Meditation Music Project

Thomas was born in 1980 in Winterthur/Switzerland.
His musical journey has begun at young age drumming on everything in the family's apartment and evolved by learning guitar at the age of 10.
As the years passed by he has been in a lot of bands/projects from instrumental hip hop to metalcore which has influenced his taste and feel of the music.

In the year 2005, he had his first contact with Psytrance.
First as a dancer and as an act of worship, and shortly afterward as a live and session guitarist for acts like Atombrot, Sokrates, Psymon, Criminal Minds and Yaminahua, and as a DJ.

In 2012, he started his Solo project "WHITE FALCON".
High Quality is an important point for Thomas' Music. This is why it took nearly four years till he was closely satisfied with his music. The goal is to create a 3 dimensional sound for the guts, the heart, and the mind a journey through the illusion.