Online Courses

We can help you learn!

We offer you online lessons for Music Production (Ableton Live), Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign), Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom).

We offer tuition on-demand, both 1-hour sessions or longer courses divided into slots of 10 hours at a discounted rate. You will just need your laptop connected to the internet. You can even follow the lessons using your mobile devices, we will think about everything else.

Our tutors 
can deliver lessons both in English and Italian.

Our experienced Ableton Trainers will help you to learn everything you need to produce music and perform live.

The tutoring can be a good help for people starting with music production but also for experienced musicians in need of more advanced techniques.

Contact us to schedule your personal learning path.

In collaboration with DeepTanz Productions and Optinervear Studio.


  • Music Production (Basic - Advanced)
  • Photo Editing (Basic - Advanced)
  • Graphic Design (Basic)


Certifications / Diplomas:

  • 6 months / 12 months / 24 months / 48 months


Our teachers:

  • Pierandrea Petazzi (Music Theory, Music Production, Sound Design)
  • Marcello Ruggiu (Certified Ableton Trainer)
  • Giorgio Ortelli (Sound Design, Photo Editing, Graphic Design)