EL JUEGO - Colombia

EL JUEGO - Colombia

We are very pleased to announce the release of the various artists compilation -Aluna Ritual Vol.2-
compiled by Foresid and featuring:

Necropsycho, Depuratus, Vox Fabri, Dattatreya, Cellolive, Brain Stretch, Magnetik Sadhu, Dizaster Jacks.

50% of the profit from this compilation will support the community of EL JUEGO, in Colombia.

Who is the community of EL JUEGO?

"We are a multicultural community made up of people from all over the world.

We dedicate ourselves to the resolution of conflicts, both individual and shared. Inspired by ancestral traditions, therapeutic professions and different spiritual and scientific fields of thought, we develop new healing methods. We call these techniques Doors.

The Doors include the Encounter, Regression to the Origin, Instrumental Breathing, Constellation of Silence, Reconnection, and Dream.

We understand healing as a constant, collective process. The community is a human laboratory: a social experiment in which we make the most of the conflicts of daily life to improve the Doors. In this way, we are always growing and enjoying the fruits of our harvest.

We receive people from all over the world for individual or group sessions, some of whom have stayed in the community to learn our methods. This implies sharing our way of life and the permanent confrontation of your personal process.

We invite people and organizations from different areas to intertwine knowledge, weaving an international network of individuals and communities who want to live in an authentic way, in connection with their needs and emotions, in a mutual exchange of constant growth. Everyone who visits the community offers us the opportunity to go deeper into aspects of ourselves.

Our story:

We met at the end of 2016 in the KIVA in San Agustin, Colombia: an annual gathering of spiritual leaders from various indigenous communities who come together to promote peace between all peoples. There, our family was born. Today, we are a group of 30 people of different ages and backgrounds living and sharing together.

We live without hierarchy and make all decisions through consensus.

We have no rules; the only fixed thing that unites us all is our intention:

Por lo mejor de todas y para todas,
Por lo mejor de todos y para todos,
Por lo mejor de todo y para todo,
Amor y Libertad

After four years of traveling together, we have achieved one of our greatest dreams: to take root in a beautiful, fertile land where our projects can continue to give fruits. Our new site can be found between San Rafael and San Carlos, in Antioquia, Colombia, one of the most biodiverse regions in the country.

The land spans nearly 300 acres, more than half of which is native tropical forest. It is rich in water, with four streams and various natural springs.

We want to live self-sustainably and in connection with Mother Earth, inspired by permaculture and bio-construction. We will care for the forests and waters of this land, reforesting to create spaces for conservation and green corridors for the 61 registered endangered species of the area.

In our new home, we are opening new spaces for healing and growing. Our vision is a space for investigation and interdisciplinary: an alternative university open to all who want to go deeper into their process, so that this movement can continue to grow.

The challenges presented by this past year of pandemic have been an opportunity for the community to evolve and innovate our methods. In order to continue offering our support through virtual channels, we opened online individual sessions, retreats and workshops."

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