Peyoceps – A.I.A.T.A


Album: A.I.A.T.A
Artist: Peyoceps
Format: Limited Edition CD & Digital Download

Aer Ignis Terra Aqua Anima
Oh my beloved mother earth. How much you give me, words cannot possibly express. Oh you, my biggest teacher; all that I needed to know you have taught me. Your air fills my lungs, your fire keeps me warm during the coldest of nights, your soil nourishes me, your water clenches my thirst and your spirit fills me up. Your unconditional love inspires and enables me to steadily grow, just as the plants who steadily grow more complex in their fractal nature. Even if I may not always fathom your ways, I fully trust they are the right path. Please mother earth, keep blessing me with all of this insight and calm as well as the ability to stay open to understanding how I can facilitate your growth. I thank you for every single day.
Yours sincerely, Luca.

All tracks were written and produced at the Peyolab Switzerland by Luca Koch.
“Pantheism” in collaboration with Plankton.



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