Oblium – Selenophilia

Artist: Oblium
Format: Digital Download

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Artist: Oblium
Format: Digital Download

-Yule- Winter Solstice

Tonight is the night of the Solstice,
the longest night of the year.
As the Wheel turns once more, I know that
tomorrow, the Sun will begin its journey back to us.
With it, new life will begin,
a blessing from Earth to her children.

It is the season of the winter goddess.
Tonight I celebrate the festival of the winter solstice,
the rebirth of the Sun, and the return of light to the Earth.
As the Wheel of the Year turns once more,
I honor the eternal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

Today I honor the goddess of the forest,
the Mother of nature, who rules the season.
I give my thanks to the beautiful goddess,
whose blessings bring new life to the earth.
This gift I offer you tonight,
sending my prayers to you upon the air.

Produced in 2016 by Oblium
Cover Art by Michel Schmidhalter
released December 22, 2019


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