PEYOCEPS & FRIENDS – Same Shit But Different / The Remixes


Album: Same Shit But Different / The Remixes

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“This musical journey is for everyone who likes intelligent psychedelic dance music. It is a collection of my favourite tracks remixed by some of the greatest artists I know. I hope this album will give you pure joy, leading you to higher states of consciousness and that you’ll have as much fun listening to it as I had producing these tunes. Last but not least I would like to thank all those who supported me over the years: Tilaka, Oblium and the Labyrinthine Crew, SenzOne, Felix and the Nightshade Syndicate, Dinotic, DJ Kazulu and the Cerebral Chaos Crew, Djane Kokopela, Klangfarben, Dawood, Digitalist, Yaminahua, Crazy Goblin, Kyros, Dj Jigsaw and of course my family and my wonderful girlfriend. Enjoy the ride.”

Tracklist :
01. Snail Surfin’ – Dinotic Remix – 120.75-161 bpm
02. Moebius 17 – Dinotic Remix – 155 bpm
03. Babelfish – Remix – 156 bpm
04. Ravin’ Rabbits – Remix – 158 bpm
05. Mass Hypnosis – Oblium Remix – 168 bpm
06. Amazing Warm Disturbance – Tilaka Remix – 171 bpm

Label: Labyrinthine Crew
Artwork & Cover: Spiro Oblium
Release: 31 july 2014